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Ziptrek, Whister

Happy 2012 ! Think before discarding that request of donation from UNHCR (the United Nation Refugee Agency).

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Marine (tank) photography…

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Black and white

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Shoes on the Danube Promenade

Read more on the memorial. More pics in the Budapest gallery.

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praying before meal…

How rude ! Just when you are about to start an enjoyable meal, some people decide, with absolutely no warning, to have a little chat with someone who is not at the table. If they truely believe that there is … Continue reading

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practise, practise, practise

…and occasionally, a reasonable picture. Half-cut CTO, 580EXII zoomed to 105mm, Yongnuo radio trigger.

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I think you think it thinks. You think I think it thinks. intentionality Japanese Macaque

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Got to support the Japanese

Create your own video slideshow at

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f1.2 50mm lens

haven’t used this lens for a while

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Tool access

How could anyone ever walk around without a camera ? Missed it and it’s gone forever.

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