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Black magic ‘holy man’ jailed for rape

A Sydney “holy man” who repeatedly raped two women during religious prayer sessions has been sentenced to 15 years in jail. Tony Golossian told the women they had been cursed and that he could purge them of their sins. In prayer sessions between 2001 and 2008, demonic voices told the women that if they did not participate, their families would fall ill and die. The women were raped a number of times at hotels in Sydney’s inner-west. Golossian always assured the victims that what they were experiencing was just a dream. The 63-year-old was seen by some in the Greek Orthodox community as a holy man who could cure black magic curses through prayer. His co-accused, Arthur Psichogios, was also convicted of raping the women and jailed for 12 years. His wife Frances Psichogios was jailed for nine years for her part in the crimes. Judge Penelope Hock said the men had carried out a deliberate and calculated plan to take advantage of the women’s vulnerability and their faith.


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